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February 5, 2014

All my ducks are in a row now with top surgery with Dr. Fischer: all my pre-op appointments (cardiology check-up; paperwork / pre-op appointment with Shannon; primary doc pre-op check-up plus blood work) are scheduled for March.

Only 7 weeks and 2 days to go!

The things left to do to prepare for top surgery are:

- gently stretch my stiff back and chest muscles that are still sore from heart surgery

- take vitamins / avoid sick people / sleep as much & as well as I can / eat & drink things that boost immunity

- taper off most of my meds

- talk with Shannon about pain meds

- check otc meds from heart surgery and see if they’re still good

- get whatever first aid stuff I need (gloves, medical tape, gauze, bandages, medical scissors, scar treatment, etc.)

- buy more button-down shirts & another zip-up hoodie

- reinstall the detachable shower head thing in my shower & make sure it doesn’t leak

- figure out who’s taking care of me post-op (my dad & maybe one other person?)


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