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March 10, 2014

Had my final pre-op doctor appointment this morning at my primary doc’s office with the PA I usually see. He’s really chill, funny, competent, and we randomly have music and body mod interests in common (he likes hardcore), so appointments with him are pretty chill. He did a minimal exam, mostly just updated my medical record, skimmed over my cardiology report from last week, checked what bloodwork needed to be done, etc. He seems excited for me that I’m having top surgery since he knows I’ve wanted / needed this for a long time :) And he’s gonna give me a new prescription for T in April once it’s okay to restart it after top surgery and he put a note about that in my record, which is great. (I can’t restart T, St Johns Wort, or aspirin until 2 weeks post top surgery.) I feel better knowing I’ll definitely be getting T again soon.

The phlebotomist was really funny and nice too, and super good at drawing blood from my tiny veins (well, only one). I told her that normally it takes phlebotomists multiple tries to find a good vein in my arm and she said “Nah, I don’t really feel like doing that. That sounds too much like work, and it’s Monday, blehhhh.” Hahaha.


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