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(march 3, 2014) one year post open-heart surgery
March 3, 2014

One year post open-heart surgery #2 today. That was one of the scariest days of my life. Glad I was only dead for 30 seconds, didn’t come away with any more brain damage than I’d already had beforehand, and my surgeon avoided my Black Flag chest tattoo :) Also, being in the hospital with those teams of nurses & having my email to my surgeon’s nurse in my record saying what my sensory and other needs were & having pretty much everyone respect that while I was so vulnerable was amazing & helped my initial recovery so much. That was the first time I’d really advocated for myself as an autistic person (though I wasn’t claiming that yet) and had people actually respecting that. Amazing. The pain was horrible for months and there was a lot I couldn’t do, and it was tough dealing with being manicky when I had physical restrictions, and tough not sleeping, etc., but I got to watch and feel my body heal and see that I’m resilient, and that was really important for me.


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