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February 19, 2014

Shannon from Dr. Fischer’s office called today. She spoke with Jacquie, who spoke again with somebody at Carefirst, and now the situation is the Carefirst is not going to pay the surgeon’s fee, but will pay for the anesthesia, operating room, and if I have to stay overnight (which I shouldn’t, but ya never know). So the surgeon’s fee is gonna have to be paid up front at my upcoming paperwork appointment on March 6. It’s $4,200, which I think is about half of what her usual fee is (unless the usual fee is inclusive of O.R., anesthesia, etc). I’m glad that my insurance is supposedly gonna cover everything else. Still a lot of money though.

Also, U of Md Hospital changed my surgery time. It’s at 7:15AM now (instead of 11:30AM), and I have to be at the hospital at 6AM. Definitely gonna have to stay in a hotel near the hospital then, otherwise I’d have to get up before 4 in the morning to leave my house on time. 6AM is not too bad really; I’m not a morning person, but I don’t sleep much at night, so I’m used to being awake early. I likely won’t sleep the night before top surgery anyway because I’ll be excited, just like I only slept for 30 minutes the night before my heart surgery last year because I was scared.

I still need to collect post-op stuff (and get whatever I don’t have), go shopping for a few button-up shirts & zip-up hoodies / figure out how to unshrink my favorite button-up shirt, loosen my muscles, wash my heart pillow, etc.


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