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February 5, 2014

The more research I do on metoidioplasty, the more I really, really want to go to Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic in Belgrade, Serbia. I really like that he does it all in one operation, he’s a urologist and a reconstructive surgeon, etc. I also like that Djordjevic isn’t terribly expensive (although the travel and hotel costs probably would be), around 15K US I think.

Dr. Curtis Crane in San Francisco also sounds well-trained and I like that he’s a reconstructive urologist as well, and that he’s trained with Dr. Djordjevic as well as a member of Dr. Monstrey’s team in Belgium. He does very good metoidioplasties as well from what I’ve seen so far. He doesn’t seem to do everything in one stage though, so if I went to him, I’d have to go back for scrotoplasty later.


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